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UCONN / Fall 2017


Fall volunteer implementation:

Bringing your garden to life!

Congratulations to Cameron Collins and Skye Christ!  Their redesign of University of Connecticut's EcoGarden was selected for the upcoming implementation weekend.  Join us October 14 from 11 AM to 3 PM for an afternoon of working, learning and having a great time building something new together.

We'll be working to implement many different Permaculture design elements including:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drip irrigation
  • Solar-powered compost tea
  • Sheet mulching
  • Starting an edible forest garden

So many great stations all in one place, and lunch is served too!  RSVP below.  Space is limited so reserve your chance to volunteer and make a real difference on campus!

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Perennial Project Preview

Getting to your garden


Part 01


March 25, 2017


The problem is the solution

We discussed the sustainable food production problem and the agroecological and permaculture techniques that can serve as a solution. 

THANk you to all who joined!

All are welcome to The Fall volunteer implementation!


Part 02


April 8, 2017


From patterns to details

We met at the EcoGarden site and went over the basics of site assessment (soil pH and sampling, dimensional measurements, wind speed,  solar path finder use) to create some basemap overlays. 

Thank you to all who joined!

ALl are welcome to the Fall Volunteer Implementation!


Combined Part 03 and 04


April 15, 2017


Know your site: Design for diversity

The combined session will encourage group participation and cooperation with a focus on design.

During these design workshops, you will interview the client and begin concept bubble diagrams before beginning final site improvement designs.  Guidance and resources on drawing, placement, and integration of plants and elements will be given. Lunch is served.

Thank you to all who joined!

ALl are welcome to the Fall Volunteer Implementation!



RSVP for sessions above!  Please direct any questions to Ghadi Tayeh at